Perio Plus+

Chlorhexidine, but not as you know it

CURADEN has launched CURAPROX Perio Plus+ at IDS 2019. This pioneering range is chlorhexidine, but not as you know it—the mouthwashes, gel and toothpaste are all naturally enhanced, and pave the way towards organic options with minimal side effects. The secret? CITROX®.

Maximal effect …

Research led by Prof. David Williams at Cardiff University in the UK has proven the unique synergy between chlorhexidine and CITROX®—a natural antibacterial agent extracted from bitter oranges. “The active agents in CITROX® can attack multiple sites of a microbial cell, leading to improved deactivation, and making the agent effective at inhibiting microorganisms known to cause infections in the oral cavity,” says Prof. Williams. “Our research has shown that a combination of chlorhexidine and CITROX® was demonstrably more effective at inhibiting bacteria, compared with using either of these ingredients alone.”

… minimal side effects

Perio Plus+’s unique mix of CITROX® and polylysine—another natural antiseptic—prolongs CITROX®’s substantivity in the mouth. Because CITROX® partially substitutes the chlorhexidine, it is possible to reduce the concentration of chlorhexidine after the initial therapeutic dose, minimising possible chlorhexidine side effects such as discoloration, taste disturbance and irritation of the oral mucosa.

For this reason, the Perio Plus+ mouthwash is available in different chlorhexidine concentrations, ranging from a bactericidal 0.20 per cent to a bacteriostatic 0.05 per cent for adequate, individualised treatment, while the Perio Plus+ Support toothpaste contains a balanced 0.09 per cent. The 0.5 per cent chlorhexidine gel is perfect for localised treatment of wounds, infections or implant complications. Moreover, the toothpaste, gel and Regenerate mouthwash contain hyaluronic acid, which promotes tissue regeneration.

CURAPROX Perio Plus+ is chlorhexidine combined with CITROX®. This unique combination has been proven to be more effective than chlorhexidine alone. (Photograph: CURADEN)

A real compliance booster

Whereas the addition of Perio Plus+’s active ingredients makes all the difference for dental professionals, taste makes all the difference from the patient’s perspective. Perio Plus+’s pleasant fresh mint flavour minimises taste disturbance and has been positively received by patients, enhancing patient compliance. Lastly, Perio Plus+ contains no alcohol or sodium lauryl sulphate, ensuring that the chlorhexidine remains effective and the oral mucosa is not irritated.