With patients, medical professionals and dental markets increasingly favouring natural oral health products, Citrox definitely meets the increasing demand. As an organic, effective and hypoallergenic antiseptic, it has minimal side effects when interacting with other medications. A growing number of studies are shedding more light on Citrox and the benefits it offers patients.

Treating catheter-related infections with Citrox

The surfaces of intravascular catheters can rapidly become coated with a patient’s matrix proteins, to which staphylococci proteins could then bind themselves. Treating these infections

Improving the management of oral diseases

Mouthrinses containing antimicrobial substances such as chlorhexidine are among the many oral healthcare products that can help manage the effects of oral diseases. Although chlorhexidine

Naturally controlling oral microflora

Patients have become increasingly aware of the adverse effects associated with artificial substances. As a result, interest has grown considerably regarding the use of natural