CITROX Perio Plus+

What is CITROX®?
Nature’s own antibacterial

“Not only does it kill bacteria very effectively, but it seems to encourage the good flora to grow back too,” says Richard Thomas. Over the last 12 years, he has been central to the development of CITROX® as an oral antiseptic. Now used as an active ingredient in CURAPROX® Perio Plus+, CITROX® consists of a number of bioflavonoids that are found in bitter oranges and are highly effective at targeting pathogenic bacteria in our mouths. Although chlorhexidine has been the gold standard of oral antiseptics for over 50 years, its use at high levels is often associated with side effects such as tooth discoloration, taste alteration and irritation. With the added benefit of CITROX® in Perio Plus+, patients can now switch to using lower doses of chlorhexidine more quickly, avoid side effects during treatment and restore a healthy oral balance.